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Third Party Expenses

If it's necessary for EA to cover expenses, then be reimbursed, there will be a 5% service charge on the amount of the purchases.

Depending on the amount of the purchase, we may need a credit card deposit before making the purchase.

How Much

Does It Cost?

Errand Assistants service fee is based on how much time it takes to perform a task or tasks.


Jobs that involve driving,

like a pick-up or delivery, 

$45.00 per hour.

Plus $0.585 per mile

Billable time is based on Google Maps

travel time estimate for the driving, starting from 225 Crossroads Blvd, Carmel, CA,
ending after return trip, plus the time needed to complete your tasks.

**1 Hour Minimum**

You're welcome to request

multiple tasks to fill the hour.

Additional time is rounded to the
nearest 15 minute mark.